Welcome to Giroflee Cockers & Pomeranians

In 1983, we acquired our first female English Cocker Spaniel, Foxfire Lavender Blue, Giroflee, from Mrs Mary Ann Foxwell and our first male Ranzfel Michey Finn, Filou, from Miss Virginia L. Lyne.

From these two we started our breeding program, which until now has allowed us to produce more than thirty (30) Canadian champions.

Giroflee English Cocker Spaniel meets the breeding quality criteria issued by the breed clubs. In our case, our breeding method uses four (4) principles, which are: respect of the breed standard, health, ease of living in the home and after-sales service.

This approach is carefully monitored to ensure that Giroflee kennel is recognized and respected in Canada and in the United States for the quality of the dogs we produce.

It is in this same spirit that we began raising a second race, the Boxer. Our foundation females are from MGM'N Myohmy’s Boxers and from Silverlane’s Boxers.

Denis Savard Sylvie Boulette